Hamilton Beach 40898 8 Cup Coffee Maker

This Hamilton Beach Brew Station electric kettle heats up to eight cups of water for coffee, tea, or instant soup without requiring the use of a stove. The round plastic base plugs into any standard outlet and gets water boiling in no time. When water has boiled, a safety mechanism turns the unit off and prevents the kettle from boiling dry. For easy lifting and serving, the kettle rotates 360 degrees on the base and travels cord-free from counter to table for pouring. The kettle's brushed stainless-steel exterior safeguards against burns by staying cool. A drip-free spout keeps water from splashing and scalding and an anti-scale mesh filter traps lime and calcium particles (found in hard water) before they end up in a teacup. A clear water-level window conveniently shows how much water is left in the kettle. For long-term performance, the kettle's heating element is concealed, which keeps mineral deposits to a minimum and makes cleaning easier. Hamilton Beach warrants this product for two years from the date of purchase.

Key Features:

  • Cool touch design. Double wall stainless steel is cool to the touch
  • Stainless Steel body
  • Full size 8 cup capacity
  • Automatic shut- off when water boils
  • Mineral deposit filter
  • Cordless pouring with 360° base
  • Lockable lid
Hamilton Beach Brushed Stainless Finish Cool touch tea kettle - has 8 cup capacity, and cordless base for easy pouring & safe operation. Concealed heating element & thumb activated lid for easy filling. Automatic shut off when water boils. On - Off light & mineral deposit filter . 
Fill the cool wall kettle with the desired amount of water. Make sure the kettle has at least 8 ounces (250ml) of water. Do not fill above the MAX fill line. If filled above the MAX fill line, water will be emitted through the steam vents at the base of the kettle during the boil cycle.
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Hamilton Beach® Brewstation® 6 Cup (48274 & 48274Z)

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Hamilton Beach BrewStation 48274 6 cup Review

The Hamilton Beach  Brew Station 6-cup Coffeemaker (MODEL: 48274) may be a convenient thanks to create your coffee with its one-hand dispensing feature, efficiently brewing vi cups of coffee per cycle. A programmable digital clock with automatic shut-off makes certain that you just don’t burn your coffee.

This Hamilton Beach Brew Station coffee maker produces wonderful coffee in an exceedingly fashionable and space-saving style that simply fits on any kitchen counter. For Coffee-lovers who don't need to waste one drop of coffee, this model may be a sensible choice.

Key Options

- The coffee maker options a programmable timer and a clock.
- it's no carafe, that interprets to no pouring and no spills.
- It comes with a removable water reservoir.
- It comes with a well-lit show.
- The heater keeps the brewed coffee heat.


The main advantage is that the convenient one-hand dispensing feature. The six-cup capability is additionally a profit for those that like coffee however don't consume giant amounts daily. this is often smart for a 2-person apartment or for a household where only 1 or two folks drink coffee, since they are doing not need to waste a entire pot of coffee on themselves.

The programmable timer gets the coffee maker operating as you get up, and with no glass carafe, there's no risk for broken containers, no pouring and no spills. The area-saving style additionally makes it excellent for those living in tiny flats where space is important, particularly in terribly tiny kitchen counters.

Clean-up is additionally straightforward as a result of there are not any carafes to scrub and also the filters simply want one dump to get rid of the grounds before a fast rinse.


One of the most disadvantages is that you just got to undergo 3 complete cycles when laundry the coffee maker. and since it's a 6-cup capability, this model is clearly not terribly sensible for larger households with plenty of coffee drinkers.

The design is additionally another supply of irritation for a few. The spout is found pretty near the front wall that it's not possible to refill a cup or a mug while not spilling and creating a multitude.

The arm that dispenses water is additionally slightly flimsy and is usually the primary element that breaks down when many uses.

Some customers also are disappointed to seek out out that are not any water level marker visible from the surface which it's troublesome to look at the clock with no lightweight since the clock isn't backlit.

- clean-up is simple
- cheap height permits it to suit nicely below the kitchen cupboard
- fast brewing time at simply five minutes
- keeps coffee heat for many hours with none burnt or plastic style
- programming is simple to use
- user-friendly style
- no carafe that wants cleaning
- tank is out of sight and simple to scrub

- brews coffee at a coffee temperature of 152 degrees (the addition of creamer brings it down even more)
- bottom aspect of the covers tends to accumulate with fine coffee grounds
- not appropriate for larger households
- plastic arm that dispenses water tends to leak when not placed properly over the basket - plastic arm appearance flimsy and simple to interrupt
- hot water tends to run through the coffee grounds too quickly to permit it to steep
- spout is simply too near the concave front wall, creating filling thick-rimmed mugs not possible to try to to while not spilling
- lid doesn't shut down properly and when lifted, tends to dribble distillation down the rear of the machine
- directions within the manual are incomplete and confusing
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Hamilton Beach Brew Station 47224

The Hamilton Beach Brew Station 47224 could be a twelve cup coffee maker. however not like alternative twelve cup occasional manufacturers the Brew Station from Hamilton Beach has no thermal carafe, instead it uses an inside system, with double-wall thermal insulation to stay your occasional recent and hot for several hours.

The Hamilton Beach Brew Station comes in black (47224) and white (47221). For those of you who cannot wait reckoning on where you look you'll be able to this home coffee maker machine for as low-cost $22.99. Websites like, epinions will assist you notice the most affordable doable deal on-line.

Features for the Hamilton Beach Brew Station like the automated "pause n serve" feature allow you to pour yourself a pleasant cup of recent occasional even whereas your coffee is brewing. If you wish to throw out your filter, the removable swing-away filter basket can are available handy, and for simple cleaning the dishwasher safe carafe can are available terribly handy.

Other coffee maker manufacturers from Hamilton Beach that you just may wish to review embody, categorical 5-cup coffeemaker PS-48131, 10-cup PS-43424, Percolator 40616, keep or Go PS-45224, D43012B and also the Hamilton Beach Brew Station coffee maker Urn V2375. FlavorPlus 43421, Aroma categorical 48131, keep or Go 45224, 46924, 40114, 40117, 40616, 41331, 46831, 47211, 46801, 41464, 40515, 47214 and also the Hamilton Beach 41461 home coffe maker machine.

If you wish replacement elements and water filters you'll be able to notice everything you wish on-line for a reduction value. Lost your directions on a way to work your Brew Station, then you'll be able to visit their web site for directions
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How To Clean a Hamilton Beach Brew Station

Cleaning a Hamilton Beach Brew Station Coffeemaker regularly is important for two reasons. First, for keeping the taste of your coffees. Second, for extending the life of your coffeemaker. The impurities and minerals of the water you use build up in the coffeemaker turning it into a less efficient appliance. So, you should clean the Brew Station at least once a month, and more than that if you live in an area with hard water.

To clean Hamilton Beach Brew Station follow these simple instructions:

First remove the lid and check whether the BrewStation has the optional water filter. If it has, remove it as well.

To clean the coffeemaker we will be using vinegar in this guide. So pour 2 cups (1/2 liter) of vinegar into the water holder.

Then press the ON button, wait twenty seconds and press TURN OFF. Wait thirty minutes, press ON again and turn OFF when finished.

Wait a little till the water in the coffeemaker is cool and dispense several cups. After that, empty and rinse the reservoir.

To finish, run a couple of brew cycles with only clean water. The Brewstation must cool a while between the brew cycles.

The permanent filter basket can be put in the dishwasher.

That's all, now enjoy your coffee. It would have the same taste as it had the day you used your coffeemaker for the first time.
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Hamilton Beach Brew Station - My Personal Review

No matter where you are, at home or at office, maybe for you and most peoples, drinking coffee has been one of important needs in your daily life. We all know that awful scorched flavor that the coffee made in a conventional coffeemaker has after a little time. So a good coffeemaker is a must have appliance to everyone that loves drinking coffee. With its innovative design the Hamilton Beach Brew Station can be used as the perfect solution for this problem.

I think, the Hamilton Beach Brew Station is more a coffee dispenser than a coffeemaker. There is neither Carafe nor hot plate to scorch the coffee flavor. Instead, the Brew Station coffeemaker has an internal warming tray to keep the coffee warm without risk of scorching the flavor of your coffee. So for anyone serious about tasting its last coffee of the day as fresh as the first one, the little marvel is a must.

The advantage of the dispensing idea behind the Brew Station is obvious, because there is no glass carafe, you can fill your cup with only one hand without worrying about breaking or spilling anything.

If you are a coffee addict, the Hamilton Beach Brew Station is a must. Even though they are relatively short-lived (I’ve found this is true for all Brew Station models, not just the Hamilton Beach Brew Station Deluxe), I wouldn’t use anything else for drip brewed coffee.

The advantages of the Brew Station are:

1. The brew selections are actually functional and allow you to adjust the strength of your brew to your liking and/or the type of coffee you are brewing.

2. The warmer keeps your coffee at a hot drinkable temperature, but never scorches the coffee, no matter how long you keep it on.

3. The auto shutoff allows you to select between 1 and 4 hours.

4. The auto brew function is great for having coffee ready for you when you wake up in the morning.

5. The tall, one handed, dispenser is great for filling your travel mug, or any other tall mug.

6. There is no glass carafe to worry about breaking or replacing.

The main disadvantages of the Hamilton Beach Brew Station are they tend to be a bit more expensive than other standard drip coffee makers and they have a shorter life span than most other major brands. I’ve had six Brew Stations over the last 10 years and they have lasted anywhere from about six months to about two years. The most common problem among the six I’ve had are they just quit feeding water, so they, obviously, won’t brew coffee any longer. One of them continued to feed water, but the heating element went out.

Two of my Brew Stations were free replacements from Hamilton Beach, sent after calling their toll free customer service number and explaining the problem I was having with the previous one. My first Hamilton Beach Brew Station Deluxe model was one of these free replacements. The customer service representative upgraded the replacement from the model I had that quit working.

There are several models available to pick from. Some with a capacity as little as six cups ( hamilton beach brewstation 6 cup coffeemaker ), it's  for the lone wolf coffee drinker, some reaching the forty cups and twelve ( hamilton beach brew station 12 cup ) more appropriate for a family gathering or the office, some featuring only the basics and some with all the gadgets that more expensive brands have. But whatever model you choose the most important feature is the possibility of tasting a fresh coffee during all day.
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